Shipping Updates

As of October 19,2020 , there will no longer be free shipping. USPS has increased its rates, and slowed its shipping times. Standard shipping changed from their 2-3 day delivery to 10 day. PLEASE BE AWARE OF LONGER SHIPPING TIMES AND DELAYS  

Many orders across the country are severely delayed. I have no control over this. 

Priority mail had a price increase. Is you would like to make your package priority with insurance; You can add priority mail to your package by adding the “ship first” listing to your order. This will put your order first and your order will be shipped 1-5 day mail with insurance. 

We are hopeful that USPS will return to their normal shipping times after the holidays  for the time being, please get orders in ASAP. All of our holiday items will be ready to ship and we will send out orders as quickly as possible . We appreciate your understanding , as this is very frustrating for all of us. 

We strongly encourage you to add insurance to your order in the event that your package is lost or damaged. We are not responsible for items after they leave gracefully made for me.